Ways to keep your brain active & healthy:

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Now a days it is expected from our generation that the people should be multi-tasking and have the information of almost everything in every field. Therefore, it becomes important for us to be active, well contracted and alert. But sometimes it becomes difficult for us to reach that level of mental health which may help balancing our life altogether and fading memory adds to the pain.

So here are the some tips to keep your brain healthy, active and alert:

Eat right: Proper diet is the key for the healthy and active brain. Therefore, it is important to add leafy vegetables and fresh fruits to your daily diet as they are rich source of antioxidants that prevents your brain from damage. Fish and dry fruits especially walnuts and almonds are said to be the best for the health of the brain.

Sleep well: Nothing can substitute a good amount of sleep. Good amount of sleep is best for the brain in today’s fast and stressful life. For the relaxation of body and mind undisturbed sleep is must.

Avoid stress: Stress is harmful for the brain as it prevents easy flow of oxygen to the brain, due to which cells of brain begin to die. Therefore, it is highly important to manage the level of stress by keeping your self calm and composed as much as possible. Deep breathing helps in providing the immediate relief.

Brain games: Brain games helps in stimulating the brain cells to act faster. Games such as Puzzels, Sudoku, Crosswords, Chess etc also helps in increasing the concentration and alertness.

Get Organised: Well oragnisation in life is also very important, it helps in reducing the stress and provides a better way of living with a healthy mind.

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