medicoSA : – Online/ Offline Practice Management System (PMS) for Doctors

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In the era of technology, where everything needs to be done efficiently and effectively the existences of Practice Management System (PMS) become necessary for the Doctors. medicoSA is an Online Practice Management Software and a collaboration platform for networked patient care ecosystem that helps Doctors for-

  • 36 Online Practice Management (Web/Mobile)
  • Online/ Offline Patient Appointments (Multi-location/ Unlimited)
  • e-Prescription (Template based)
  •  Patient Referrals
  • e-Billing (Template based)
  •  Profile propagation (SEO friendly)
  • Tele – Medicine and other healthcare management services.

Users can be changed to Doctors/Providers “Free Registration and Free Trial for ONE WEEK” further you can purchase of a subscription on monthly, quarterly & yearly basis. This software as a service (SAAS) tool is operated and owned by Mityung Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

The integrated PMS are planned to be develop to fulfill some of the problem that occurred in both manual system and also current PMS system which are not integrated. Below are the lists of the objectives:

  • To transform the manual system into computerized Outpatient Management System.
  • To abolish the geographical challenges through our computerized system using web based application.
  • To reduce the burden of documentation of patients and their clinical procedure will be more efficient and effective.

Most doctors use practice management software to assist their practices on administrative and financial matters. Some of the software service providers have also started assisting doctors in their clinical matters like prescriptions, clinical notes and so on using electronic medical records. For more details you can visit our site and register ourselfs on this platform without any cost.

The used of medicoSA Practice Management System (PMS) can enhance the services, efficiency, store and access your database from anywhere also the work flow of all activity that happens in hospitals where it helps in reducing the workload of medical staff, the number of man power needed and it also make hospitals management become more manageable and easier to control. ThisPractice Management System is specially design & created by the Doctors Suggestions and for the Doctors. Each and every term in this software is created for Doctors convenient. The usage of Practice Management System in Outpatient Department (OPD) brings a lot of advantages to patient and also to people who works under this department Practice Management System makes the registration process become computerized and this feature helps a lot in keeping details of all patients and whoever has once received a treatment in Outpatient Department All in all, the development ofPractice Management System with all necessary features would bring many advantages to all people in this country.

medicoSA :- 21 Home Remedies for Migraines and Headaches


  1. Peppermint oil. Rubbed on the forehead, temples or back of the neck, peppermint essential oil has a way of dissolving headaches into nothingness. (Learn where I shop for high quality therapeutic essential oils online.)
  2. Want to learn more about essential oils and how to use them? Join my essential oil Facebook group HERE.
  3. Willow bark. Known as the natural alternative to aspirin, willow bark is actually what aspirin was originally made from. It contains the pain-relieving compound salicin, and is one of the most common natural remedies for headaches.

    Take a nap. Ever notice how the world seems renewed after a nap? Sometimes just a simple power nap is enough for your body to reboot and squash your headache.

  4. Eat something! Headaches are often a sign that you’ve gone too long without eating a balanced meal. In fact, my last headache is a good example: I’d gotten caught up in working and hadn’t eaten in a while. Next thing you know, I had a raging headache pounding my brain. Needless to say, I couldn’t work much after that. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure in this case!
  5. Acupuncture. This increases blood flow to tissues and is shown in studies to prevent migraines.Your Body’s Many Cries for Water
  6. Water. Headaches can be a sign of dehydration. Sometimes drinking a tall glass of pure water is enough to stop a headache in its tracks. Staying hydrated is also a good way to prevent headaches from occurring in the first place. (Note: sometimes it helps to balance water with electrolytes, so adding a little juice and a dash of sea salt to your water can help you achieve balanced hydration.)
  7. Massage. A good massage improves circulation and is obviously relaxing, and it might be just what you need to melt away that headache. In any case, we all need more excuses to get a massage!
  8. See a chiropractor. Being out of alignment can definitely give you head pain. Many report that regular visits to the chiropractor is highly effective for relieving headaches and migraines.
  9. Feverfew. This herb has been used since ancient times to treat pain, including headaches. Get feverfew tea here.
  10. Hot showers. As with a massage, I’m always up for an excuse to take a hot shower. I always feel more relaxed and rejuvenated afterward, which goes a long way in relieving headache pain.
  11. Baltic amber necklace (milk and butter color). I don’t know much about amber, but Health, Home and Happiness wrote an excellent post on it recently.
  12. Acupressure. Not quite the same as acupuncture (no needles), one suggestion is to pinch the spot between your thumb and index finger. Gently increase pressure until there’s a dull ache, then hold until your head pain subsides.
  13. Magnesium. If you’re deficient in magnesium, it could very well be the cause of your headaches and migraines. Correct the deficiency, end the migraines. And magnesium supplements can get rid of a headache that’s already begun as well. Learn more about magnesium here.
  14. Cold packs. Whether an ice pack or a cool washcloth, cold can definitely ease headache pain.
  15. Yoga. The benefits of yoga include improved circulation, relaxation, healthy blood pressure, and heightened neurotransmitter levels. All of these combined make for a great headache remedy.
  16. Cherries. Cherries contain the active compound Quercetin, which is a powerful antioxidant and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Users report that eating cherries or drinking cherry juice helps tremendously with headache pain.
  17. Get outside. Let’s face it: the air inside of our homes and other buildings isn’t ideal. Fresh air is vitally important for health, as is getting adequate sunlight. A few minutes outdoors can be surprisingly refreshing, even enough to relieve your head pain.
  18. DLPA. This supplement (a form of the amino acid phenylalanine), naturally increases dopamine levels, which can help ease pain of all kinds.
  19. Salt loading. This one sounds interesting (haven’t yet tried it myself), and has to do with detoxing bromide from the body. Read more about it here.
  20. A cup of tea. Not only is a warm cup of tea relaxing, but a tea that uses herbs like peppermint or willow bark can also directly help reduce your headache pain. Green tea is also especially helpful, as it contains a small amount of caffeine, which some people find helps with headaches and migraines.
  21. Eliminate the cause. This is more of a long term approach, but it’s by far the most effective. Food additives like aspartame and MSG can cause migraine headaches. So can food allergies like gluten intolerance. Find out if your diet is causing your headaches, and you’ll be on the road to real recovery.

Dr. Rahul Punj on

Dr. Rahul PunjDr. Rahul Punj, MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), FACC, Greater Noida, (India), Medicine (Allopathy), Consultant Physician at Yatharth wellness Hospital Greater Noida (2010 to Present),

MD (Internal Medicine) from LLRM MEDICAL COLLEGE MEERUT, Internal Medicine

FACC from Harvard Medical School, Diabetes Cardiology

Dr. Rahul Punj is having 15 years of experience in the field of internal medicine post MD. Medical graduate from LLRM Medical College Meerut (India), Fellowship from American College of Cardiology and trained from Harvard Medical School. He is prominent General Physician in India and diabetic specialist. Speciality:- General Medicine
Cardiac, Respiratory, Diabetes, Gastro Intestinal, Hypertension and Renal Disorders

Dr. Sudhakar Arya on

Dr. Sudhakar AryaDr. Sudhakar Arya, M.B.B.S, MD (Medicine),

General Medicine (Allopathy), Speciality:- Cardiology – Heart Care Speciality
Physician and Cardiologist, Practicing Physician and Cardiologist in East Delhi and Vaishali own Medical centre by the name of ARYA MEDICAL CENTRE

(Plot No. 350, Sector-4, Main Market, Vaishali

Sector-4, Main market, Vaishali, Ghaziabad (India))

also running a franchisee collection centre of Lal Path Lab for Indirapuram.

Dr. Ramanjit Singh on

Dr. Ramanjit SinghDr. Ramanjit Singh, MBBS, MD (Dermatology and Cosmetology), Dermatology (Allopathy), MBBS from M S Ramaiah Medical College, MD from JJM Medical College, Dermatology, Hands on Training from Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai?, Dermatosurgery and Cosmetology.

Experience: Medical Director at FOS Laser Spa, Gurgaon (2008 to Present),

Consultant Dermatologist at Medanta, The Medicity, Gurgaon (2010 to Present)

Founder Director at Dermcos Skin and Cosmetology Centre, Gurgaon (2004 to Present)

Consultant Dermatologist at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon (2004 to 2009)

Consultant Dermatologist at Ashirwad Hospital, Gurgaon (2004 to 2009)

Dr Ramanjit Singh is a dynamic Cosmetic Dermatologist leading the cosmetic and dermatology fraternity of Gurgaon with his extensive experience of more than eleven years, with doctors visiting his centre for training under his guidance. He is also amongst the few Cosmetologists who have brought the concept of a Laser Spa in India.
Dr. Ramanjit Singh is Senior Consultant heading the Department of Cosmetology & Dermatology at Medanta The Medicity. He is also the Medical Director of FOS Laser Spa,which is a wellness centre at Gurgaon.

Dr. P.K Talwar on

Dr. P.K TalwarDr. P.K Talwar, MBBS, MS, MCh (Plastic Surgery),

FAPS (Cosmetic Surgery USA), Plastic Surgery (Allopathy),

Director, Cosmetic surgery centre at Cosmetic Surgery Clinic (1989 to Present)

MBBS from Government Medical College – Auranangabad, Plastic and cosmetic surgery

MCh (Plastic Surgery) from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Plastic Surgery

Dr Talwar Cosmetic surgery was started by one of the leading cosmetic and plastic surgeon of India, Dr. P.K Talwar way back in 1996. Since then CLSCI has been helping its wide spectra of patients with its highly effective cosmetic procedures. CLSCI proudly possesses some of the leading professional in cosmetics with rich experience under their belt. At CLSCI, we are using the latest high- tech state of the art Laser Machines, which help us to deliver Quality consistently, comparatively in an easier way.

Dr. Jyotirmay Bharti on

Dr. Jyotirmay BhartiDr. Jyotirmay Bharti, M.B.B.S , D.D.V, FNUH (Singapore), consultant dermatologist,cosmetologist & laser surgeon at Metro Heart Institute,Paras Hospital, Jeewan clinic (2008 to Present) MD from MGM Medical College, dermatology Consultant.

Dr. Jyotirmay Bharti Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Laser expert,


IADVL 2010 Poster presentation Award winner,

Poster presentation 2010, cuticon Maharashtra

Poster presentation ASPCR – ASDR, Sydney 2013

Dr. T.A Rana on

 Dr. T.A RanaDr. T.A Rana, MBBS, MD (Dermatology) (Allopathy) Dermatologist and Cosmetic Laser Surgeon at Skin Laser Centre (2001 to Present)

Dr. T.A Rana is a Director of Skin Laser Centre (A Research institute) Noida and Senior Consultant Dermatologist at Shri Ram Hospital and Heart Institute Delhi and Goodwill Hospital Noida. Dr. T.A Rana is a Member of IMA (Indian Medical Association), IADVL (Indian Association of Dermatologist Venereologist Leprologist), IACLS (Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser surgeon) and AAD (American Academy of Dermatology).Member of ECAM(European college of aesthetic medicine) Member of ISDS(International society of dermatology surgeons)

Dr. Ajay Rastogi on

Dr. Ajay RastogiDr. Ajay Rastogi, MBBS, MD,(Medicine) CCEBDM, (Diabetes) is welcomed to medicoSA—Global Healthcare Ecosystem on Cloud.

Dr Ajay Rastogi is a senior consultant physician & Diabetologist practicing in the noida & indirapuram area for the past 15 yrs. He is managing acute & chronic medical diseases including diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, chest diseases , infectious diseases etc. He has worked at various positions in renowned hospitals of delhi/ NCR like GTB hospital Delhi, Apollo hospitals delhi & noida, shanti gopal hosp. indirapuram & Fortis hospital noida. Presently he is available at his clinic at jaipuria sunrise plaza indirapuam & visiting cosultant at shanti gopal hosp. & fotis hosp.noida. He is a life member of Indian medical association & association of physicians of India.