medicoSA : – Online/ Offline Practice Management System (PMS) for Doctors

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In the era of technology, where everything needs to be done efficiently and effectively the existences of Practice Management System (PMS) become necessary for the Doctors. medicoSA is an Online Practice Management Software and a collaboration platform for networked patient care ecosystem that helps Doctors for-

  • 36 Online Practice Management (Web/Mobile)
  • Online/ Offline Patient Appointments (Multi-location/ Unlimited)
  • e-Prescription (Template based)
  •  Patient Referrals
  • e-Billing (Template based)
  •  Profile propagation (SEO friendly)
  • Tele – Medicine and other healthcare management services.

Users can be changed to Doctors/Providers “Free Registration and Free Trial for ONE WEEK” further you can purchase of a subscription on monthly, quarterly & yearly basis. This software as a service (SAAS) tool is operated and owned by Mityung Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

The integrated PMS are planned to be develop to fulfill some of the problem that occurred in both manual system and also current PMS system which are not integrated. Below are the lists of the objectives:

  • To transform the manual system into computerized Outpatient Management System.
  • To abolish the geographical challenges through our computerized system using web based application.
  • To reduce the burden of documentation of patients and their clinical procedure will be more efficient and effective.

Most doctors use practice management software to assist their practices on administrative and financial matters. Some of the software service providers have also started assisting doctors in their clinical matters like prescriptions, clinical notes and so on using electronic medical records. For more details you can visit our site and register ourselfs on this platform without any cost.

The used of medicoSA Practice Management System (PMS) can enhance the services, efficiency, store and access your database from anywhere also the work flow of all activity that happens in hospitals where it helps in reducing the workload of medical staff, the number of man power needed and it also make hospitals management become more manageable and easier to control. ThisPractice Management System is specially design & created by the Doctors Suggestions and for the Doctors. Each and every term in this software is created for Doctors convenient. The usage of Practice Management System in Outpatient Department (OPD) brings a lot of advantages to patient and also to people who works under this department Practice Management System makes the registration process become computerized and this feature helps a lot in keeping details of all patients and whoever has once received a treatment in Outpatient Department All in all, the development ofPractice Management System with all necessary features would bring many advantages to all people in this country.

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