World Tuberculosis Day – “Reach, Treat, Cure Everyone”

World TB Day/World Tuberculosis Day 2015 would be celebrated all over the world on 24th of March, at Tuesday.TB-Day

World Tuberculosis Day is a worldwide event that aims to raise public awareness of tuberculosis and the efforts made to prevent and treat this disease. This event is held on March 24 each year and is promoted by organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO). It is celebrated every year by the people all across the world at international level on 24th of March. It is celebrated to raise the common public awareness about the epidemic disease of tuberculosis as well as get their efforts in order to totally eradicate this disease. As around 3 million of the people are dying of this disease every year. 24th of March has been established to commemorate the tuberculosis day by all at one place in order to get some solution to eradicate it from the world.

World_TB_Day_2014_for_TB_OnlineTuberculosis was first discovered by the Dr. Robert Koch in the year 1882 and amazingly announced by him to the small group of scientists at “the University of Berlin’s Institute of Hygiene” about the cause of tuberculosis means the TB bacillus. He announced publically about this virulent human infectious disease and explained about the aetiology of the tuberculosis through the presentation of many microscope slides. During his announcement in the Berlin, it was spreading very fastly in the Europe and the Americas of which the death ratio was one out of seven. His discovery about the tuberculosis had opened a big door in front of the people to get diagnosed and cured of tuberculosis.

The theme of the World TB Day celebration of the year 2015 would be “Reach, Treat, Cure Everyone”.

World TB Day is celebrated every year by the health organizations, NGOs, government and non government organizations including other health agencies to raise the awareness among common public all across the world about the epidemic disease, tuberculosis by organizing the variety of campaign related activities such as debates on TB prevention and cure, award ceremonies for the organizations involved in the prevention and fight against TB, photo exhibitions showcasing images in order to raise awareness of TB, charity events for fund raising required to control TB and lots of activities associated with the disease prevention and cure. Active participation is required by the all group people, communities and government agencies to work together to broadcast the real messages to each and every person live in the world.