Dr. Dinesh Chandra Katiyar

Health is wealth and doctors are our lifesavers. But in India, the number of lives to be saved is large and the number of lifesavers is small (and not focusing on the reasons for this shortage). Among them, we often consider a few a notch above. We have our own criteria on the basis of which we classify doctors and physicians. And the criteria used by William Osler is, “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

There are a lot of subdivisions and fields of healthcare, like oncology, dermatology, pediatrics et cetera and most of the doctors have specialized in either of them. Picking up one of the many fields, surgical oncology, a combination of surgery and oncology, is using surgical methods to treat and diagnose patients with cancer. It also focuses on the treatment of tumors and palliating symptoms of cancer. Surgical oncologists display expertise in their area of specialisation and are highly competent and equipped with knowldege about the latest devices, technology used and the medicines and methods of treatment.

Dr. Dinesh Chandra Katiyar, a member of MEDICOSA is a highly reputed surgical oncologist. He has been practicing since 1992 and has 17 years of experience in this field. He is a M.B.B.S, M.S. and M.Ch. Degree holder from one of the best oncology institutions in the country. He has published several research papers and has worked in India’s leading healthcare institutions. He currently practices in Gurgaon and Delhi.

Appointments with Dr. Dinesh Chandra Katiyar can be booked on MEDICOSA which is a networked healthcare platform connecting patients to doctors.  By -Jessica


PACS Health Care

The term Picture Archiving and Communication System may sound really fancy and confusing at first, but its meaning is pretty simple. It is a widely-used system and is a very important part of health care services. It is a medical system which allows convinent storage of pictures and access to them and also enable to transfer these pictures from one system to another.

With the growing medical industry, better infrastructure and advance technology, India is slowly adapting to PACS. It is virtualising the pictures, reports of physical examinations and even other statistical data like demographic of patients and this enables a better and efficient diagnosis. It also gives a boost to other industries like, information technology and healthcare industry including telemedicine and electronic health records.

The best part is that India is self sufficient and has the required infrastructure and technology required to set up a PACS Health Care system. In fact, some of the big hospitals have even started using it! PACS is used the most by radiologists and pathologists and is replacing all hard copies of test reports like X-Rays, MRIs and CT Scan. This root outs the hassle of handling, maintaining and preserving documents and is relatively cheaper as well. Considering the current environment situation, PACS is environment-friendly as it saves a lot of paper and trees.

Full scale implementation of PACS can only be done if hospitals have the resources and complete knowldege. Hospitals need to follow certain guidelines and need to understand the safety measure needed for data security and privacy.

With the boost given to the IT industry by the government and hospitals favouring it, PACS will soon be accepted and used within the entire country.   By – Jessica


Medicine In noida

Medicine in India is part of a broad nexus of availability, accessibility and most important of all, willingness to accept help. There is no dearth of doctors in the country, as we already know. The average middle class person also wields enough amount of money to go to a doctor of their choice. But that’s where the problem comes in – choice. Who to trust ? Where to go ? these questions arise naturally when it comes to one’s health. It’s a matter of life and death, after all. Well , life and an uncomfortable life, to be precise. The general public in India loves, absolutely LOVES to give free advice to others, specially when it comes to issues like being over weight or acne issues or what not. There is a self proclaimed doctor in every second person we cross on the street.

So before you even consider sharing your problems with even your friends, let alone random strangers on the street because everyone is full of advice that may have worked for them but may not necessarily work for you. To each his own, remember ? So before self medicating or choosing the cheaper way out by consulting your friend or that neighbourhood aunty, please take into account that experimenting with your health is not funny after a certain age and you MUST seek professional help in times of need. So pick up that laptop or tablet/phone which is attached to your hip anyway, and look for doctors online who are a custom fit for whatever problem you may be facing. This is even simpler to do on organized application like MEDICOSA. By – Sukanya

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Gym freaks, calm down! Cardiothoracic surgery has nothing to do with you running on a treadmill for hours. It’s an amalgamation of two specialties of medicine : cardiovascular surgery and thoracic surgery. The former deals with surgeries of the heart and associated vessels while the latter pertains to surgical treatment of lung and other respiratory diseases.

Considering the fact that we’re talking about two very vital organs here, the heart and the lungs, it is evident that we should be well informed about the two specializations and also keep at hand the contact information of related specialists, because let’s face it, with the unhealthy style of living , increased pollution and urbanization on the rise, health complications, especially regarding the heart and lungs, are bound to arise and we may not be prepared when they do strike. The heart and the lungs are very difficult organs to repair, and very susceptible to diseases. This alone should motivate us to go for regular check ups to our doctors and actually LISTEN to their advice rather than nodding our heads and completely forgetting everything the second we leave.

The excuses for being lazy are becoming fewer by the day, with the advent of websites that allow you to book your doctor’s appointment online. Websites like MEDICOSA help your search reach its destination by providing full profiles and information on profiles of doctors with their specialties so you are one step closer to getting towards a better and healthier tomorrow. Now is the time, get searching ! By – Sukanya

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Dr. T.A

We’ve often heard people saying that be comfortable in your own skin and that every skin colour is beautiful. While most of us acknowledge this, it is indeed true that we still desire for having better skin. And there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it is limited to removing the temporary marks, flaws and acne.

Statistics prove that Indians have gone beyond this limitation since skin whitening and anti-ageing treatment demands have increased four times in the past two years. While it is a bait for the cosmetic industry, the overall visit to a dermatologist, on a whole have increased manifold times. People are adopting laser technology for hair and wrinkle removal. Tele dermatology, which is just Attention:

classification of telemedicine, is also gaining popularity these days. Additionally, the number of people having skin related diseases have increased. Now there are more cases of skin cancer, rashes, burns, acne and much more. Most of it is related to a person’s habitat’s condition and problems like sanitation, clean water, hygienic food are indirectly the cause of many diseases.

Approximately, there are about 6000 dermatologist practicing in India which is quite less compared to enormous population of the country. The number of dermatologists practicing in Uttar Pradesh is well below average and has become the need of the hour. Dr. T A Rana, a very renowned dermatologist practicing in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi, has been working since 2001. He is the Director of Skin Laser Centre, Noida and a senior consultant at Shri Ram Hospital, Heart Institute Delhi and Goodwill Hospital Noida. Appointments with him as well as more details about him can be found on MEDICOSA . By – Jessica

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ophthalmologyin noida

The TV, your laptop, that new smartphone which cost you a month’s salary, all are very enticing and pleasing to have, until you realize that your fun comes at the cost of the deteriorating condition of your eyes. The rays from your high definition television which is constantly blabbering in the background, the glare from the computer screen which we dare not shut for a minute, and the emissions from our smart phones, which we literally have our eyes glued to, all are taking a toll on our poor, fragile eyes. We can’t really blame ourselves, though.

In this fast paced, dog eat dog world, one needs constant knowledge and information to be a cut above the rest and to weed out the competition. Explanation accepted. But, balance is the key to everything in the universe. If we spend 40 hours in front of the television, then can we not take out a couple of hours every other month to get our eyes tested and make sure we are following the precautions and preventive measures to ensure that our routine life is doing minimal damage to the driving force behind them : our eyes !?!

So maybe it’s time to use that laptop down for your own health for a minute, find an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) who is close to home and dependable, and get your eyes tested. It really isn’t that difficult. The hardest part is getting started. Websites like MEDICOSA make the task of doctor searching even more simpler by giving succinct information about doctors and their specialties and are the go to for people with hectic schedules for booking appointments with doctors.   By – Sukanya

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Anaesthesia in Noida

Anyone who possesses a television is aware of the term anesthesia and its variants : local and general. We cannot blame the general population for boasting about this second hand knowledge because they were never required to dig deeper and gather concrete information about such dull things as anesthesia because how were they to know that this knowledge might actually help someday!

In a nutshell, the average person should know a few basic things about the science of anesthesia. It basically “puts a person to sleep” by blocking their nerve impulses which makes them temporarily paralysed and unconscious so that a surgery that would otherwise cause more pain than a human body is capable of bearing, can be successfully performed. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it ? pass out for a few hours , get a surgery and come back new and improved !

Well, like all things in life, this has a catch, too. First, if ignorantly administered, anesthesia can be deadly. Even if a minor detail of the person’s medical history is ignored, it could cause disastrous consequences along the way. This is to say that being an anesthesiologist is no easy task and is a long, grueling journey, which is justified considering the fact how many lives are at stake and that anesthesia is the rite of passage for all surgeries.

Secondly, even the most perfectly administered anesthesia can still have postoperative side effects like nausea, cognitive dysfunction or even more fatal ones like heart attacks. So it is best for us to get to know our body and it’s mechanisms in and out so that we are able to give any future anesthesiologist we might have all details and warning about things that could possibly go wrong, for example allergies, abnormal reactions to some elements etc.  By-Sukanya

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Orthopaedics in Noida

A human skeleton is the basic framework of the body : we have read this sentence in every primary school biology textbook. Then why do we fail to take care the very structure our body stands on ?

Like a tall building is no good with a weak foundation, our outwardly fit appearing bodies are no good if we don’t take care of the basics, the foundation : our bones and the tendons and ligaments which act as connectors. There are a number of ways through which we criminally neglect our bones and joints , like gaining more weight than they can handle, exercising improperly by completely ignoring strength training, ignoring injuries , and the list goes on. The “we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it” attitude needs to go. It needs to go right now because nobody’s getting any younger and as time passes we are only bound to get more laidback.

So it’s extremely crucial to follow a plan involving a maximum of 3 steps to keep our bones and ligaments top notch – first, regular exercise with proper training, second, and appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon to figure out hidden complications that we may have missed and third, proper rest and rehabilitation in case of injuries. To give our bones and ligaments the care they deserve, commitment is needed from our side as well as our orhtopaedic surgeon / physician’s side to ensure that our daily life does not get in the way of our impending future.

It is very simple to find an orthopaedics surgeon in today’s time by using websites like MEDICOSA, which gives details of doctor’s specialties and profiles, to book online appointments with them.


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‘The hospital is the church, the pathologist is the priest.’

Pathology is a distinctive combination of imaging, stimulating diagnostic uncertainty and investigation with modern, advanced technologies almost on a daily basis. It is a medical specialty which allows a pathologist to enjoy a harmonious and satisfying life as the requirements are not as pressurising as those in other fields, specifically surgery and medicine, yet one has possibly a higher possibility to affect and influence a patient’s life.

A pathologist’s job needs to be carried out with a lot of precision and effectiveness and there needs to be communication with the patients. A job done well allows a pathologist to be engaged primarily in the several vital decisions that impact patient lives. A pathologist needs to be constantly updated and educated with the latest care delivery systems.

The size of the Indian clinical pathology industry is currently $5 billion per year and is expanding at 15%-a-year. The statistics are in favour of the pathology industry and it is estimated to expand 20% year-over-year for the next 10 years. There are about 1,00,000 diagnostic laboratories operating in India. Approximately 70% of these are involved in pathological services and the rest 30% provide radiology and imaging services.

Pathologists are also referred to as “doctor’s doctor”. Want to create an impact on people’s lives? Become a pathologist. By – Jessica

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Dr. Sunita Maheshwari

Diseases like blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes are on the rise these days. This has a multiplicity of causes, like easy availability of junk food which overarches the benefits of traditional cooking, busy lifestyles of today’s generation leaving them with no time to exercise or take care of themselves and of course the pollution levels in our country which are off the charts these days. All these factors together prove to be a host of diseases that ultimately we as humans have to deal with. We are faced with disease that we didn’t even know existed, like acute renal failure of diseases of the myocardium (heart muscle ) or pericardium (outer lining of our heart) .

As an immediate result, the queues of people waiting in doctor’s lounges increases. Diseases go up and so does the traffic at pathological labs for tests and doctors’ clinics for interpreting those tests. It should also be noted that nephrologists , ie doctors who treat diseases of the kidneys and cardiologists , doctors who treat disorders of the heart and blood vessels, are limited in number and can sometimes be very difficult to reach to book appointments with. This is where online appointment booking serves to be extremely helpful.

At MEDICOSA , you can book appointments with doctors according to your needs and specifications. An example would be Dr. Sunita Maheshwari, MD MBBS , who has had experience working as a nephrologist in Rohtak and Cardiologist in Kailash hospital, Noida. At present, she provides consultation from her clinic in Noida and specializes in allergies, General Medicine (Allopathy), infections, diabetes, blood pressure and asthma treatment.  By – Sukanya