“I’m allergic to cheap clothes!” is something we’ve all heard a supposedly high society person say. But our knowledge of allergies should not be limited to this statement by itself. Of course, we are all aware that allergic here means dislike. But real life, medical allergies have the potential to be fatal. Allergies are said to have been caused when a person reacts abnormally to substances which are normally absorbed or encountered by others. These allergies can come from different sources and the study of allergies alongwith their causes is termed as Allergology. Allergies are more common than they seem.

At least 20 % of the people in the world have a medical allergy and at least 18% of the world’s population is allergic to a food substance. The increasing environmental pollution and deteriorating air quality are not making things any better, ask an asthma patient! So what’s the solution, apart from stocking up on antihistamines? Step one: be aware of your body and how it responds to the food you put into it, the environment and the air. Step two: do your bit to curb pollution. Yes, it is natural to think that what can ONE person’s efforts achieve! But an ocean is made of a million drops and taking that example, each one of us should do whatever little we can to make the air a little cleaner, the grass a little greener. It could be something as small as walking those two blocks instead of taking out the car out of the driveway. These tiny things could help you and your future generations be allergy free and breathe a little easier! By – Sukanya


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