Electronic Health Records-Technology that has become a necessity

Electronic Health Records IndiaIf there is one line we like to say with most regularity, it is “India is a developing country”. It leads us to ask, “What is it that is holding us back from becoming a ‘developed’ nation”?The answer lies in our reluctance to embrace new technology. In a country where a million people are treated daily on an average, our inability to digitize our medical system, instead, relying on pieces of paper to keep Health records of patients is staggering.

Even the most ardent believers in ‘old-school medicine’ cannot argue that it is difficult to run an efficient medical and healthcare system when thousands of patients visit the medical facility daily and the added paperwork to keep track of all of them makes the task look impossible.In such a scenario, ‘EHR’ or ‘Electronic Health Records’ is the most significant and vital development which can change the way doctors treat their patients.

Any such technology which reduces the need for paperwork and digitizes the work should be implemented immediately. EHR not only reduces the paperwork, it also helps in increasing the security of health records. Doctors or patients can access them anytime at their convenience and remain up-to-date with their condition without any hassle.

The advantages of such a technology are endless. And in a country as populated as ours, the use of such technology becomes almost a necessity. When implemented correctly, it can prove to be a huge success and can streamline the medical process like never before.

By – Vatsal

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Some Concerns Regarding PACS

PACS Health CarePACS usage is growing rapidly and so with the rise of application arises a wave of concerns regarding PACS.

Sky High investment :

Even though the long term effect of PACS technology is highly beneficial, there is still reluctance in the market as the investment price is too high. Also, bringing together PACS with RIS, voice recognition and billing is a hassle that not many want to take on.

Men in Training:

For PACS to work properly, skilled staff is required. These people need to be sufficiently trained which costs money, time and effort. Hence, it proves to be a concern in PACS department. There exists a disruption to workflow that arises from lack of training and more than required number of employees.

Old is not no longer gold:

The PACS that existed 20 years ago is not the same system that is in function now. The critical situation of workstation is often ignored by IT and they end up treating it as a regular computer. The PACS need to be upgraded time to time which is a pain because migration of the entire data is a challenging process.

Lose control:

As the popularity of PACS reaches pinnacle, radiologists are losing the power they held over the system. Almost all the specialists have started using it and due to lack of proper knowledge, they often end up making ill decisions and consolidate all technology to a single vendor. It has become important now that the Radiologists stand their ground and keep in touch with the IT sector and other specialists to continue the veto they have in PACS functioning and usage.

Out with the power:

This is a problem that could happen anytime and disrupt the whole workflow. Backup plans need to made to tackle this hiccup. By – Muskan Gupta

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Clinical Pathology- Profession even a doctor relies upon


Ask a kid in a class about his ambitions and the two most likely answers are always a ‘Doctor’ or an ‘Engineer’. But what kind of doctor? In most cases, the answer is again the most popular of choices, a cardiologist, and neurologist, and orthopedist. Rarely can a kid be heard saying that he wants to become a ‘Pathologist’. The general perception of pathology in the younger generation is not very bright. It is because whenever pathology comes up, our minds immediately go to testing feces, urine and other unhygienic body fluids.

But the branch of pathology is much more than just a bunch of doctors testing the urine of sick patients.Clinical pathology is known by various names in every country. For example, laboratory medicine, clinical biology, laboratory medicine etc. But the importance of it is never understated. In fact, in medical industry, there is a widely prevalent saying that “If hospital is the church, then a pathologist is its priest”.

This field of medicine is so important mainly because of the fact that the diagnosis that others doctors make for a patient are more often than not based on the results of pathological tests. If there are not enough skilled personnel in this field of study, it seriously hampers the doctor’s chances of successful treating a patient.Clinical pathology is an interesting field of medicine and should be known among the people not as an unhygienic profession, but as a life saving profession. Because that’s what it is. By – Vatsal

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Have you given blood recently?

blood donor

My friend and I had recently volunteered to help at a blood donation camp, our job was to encourage people to overcome their fears and to go ahead with the donation. I sold at lot of people with the fact that we had juice and cookies (more the latter), you’d be amazed at how fast the bags were filled and how faster the cookies got over. It was all really funny. But most importantly we learned the benefits and issues and even the in-between of donating blood.

The biggest benefit is you save three lives not just one, this is because the blood is split into its constituents and given to people who need each one. You also protect yourself from the incidence of cancers. Donating blood increases the fresh blood circulating in your body. Most importantly you get to stay in the first class ward at the hospital free of cost. The issues of blood donation are mostly because of errors in screening (checking) the blood for various invasions like HIV, malaria, hepatitis virus and so on.

The others include cross reactions that is if the donor blood does not match the recipient then the recipient’s body will reject the blood causes a tsunami of problems ranging from a simple rash to even death. The in-betweens of donating blood are just the crappy music and the weird hospital magazines but like I said that’s all just secondary.Knowing that I’m the cause of someone’s smile often makes my day, imagine what it would be like to save someone’s life. So get up and brave the needle (you get cookies) I promise you will feel great.

By – Rashika

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Telemedicine in India- How Relevant?

telemedicineThe concept of Telemedicine though not very new in nature has gained popularity in India only in the past few years. It’s application is diverse but is used mostly for providing health support to those who cannot easily reach hospitals. With rapid technological development and the constant need for medical facilities, this process is proving to be one of the most indispensable tools at the hands of the rural population.

Telemedicine is the concept of providing medical support and facilities to those people who are unable to physically reach doctors and hospitals at the time of need. Through this process, the patient can use electronic communication in order to contact a doctor for advice and treatment. The patients do not have to be physically present before the doctor, they take help of telecommunication in which they use a web-camera by which the doctor looks at the patient and the patient can see the doctor and tell about his ailment and the doctor can tell him the treatment and in case of an injury or any other similar illness, the doctor can look at the same and treat accordingly.

The concept of telemedicine is fairly new to India and is not very popular yet but it is gaining adulation at a fast pace. The need of this in a country like India is much due to the shortage of doctors for people who live far away from urban lands and cannot reach hospitals easily and in my view, would gain great admiration once it is made available to those really in need.By -Swastika

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dentist in ghaziabad

It is nobody’s idea of fun to sit in a stiff chair at the dentist’s office over the weekend, with their jaw stretched, and with a million equipment paying routine visits to their oral cavity. But some things are unavoidable, alas! Dental procedures vary a lot over different problems faced by different people. Treatments may involve replacing crown bridges, removing and / or filling cavities, conducting root canals, fixing dentures, making artificial teeth and so on.

Needless to say, such complex procedures cannot be an outcome of a one man show, and a dentist needs his or her team of reliable people to do the background work, like taking tooth measurements, filling out forms, checking up on medical history and ingesting anesthetics etc. What’s more, is that dentistry also branches out into dental surgery. One can only imagine how complicated it must be to conduct surgery In a space as small as someone’s mouth, on an even smaller target area like a tooth!

It sure does make us acknowledge the amount of hard work that must go into becoming a dentist. It also explains the number of years dentists spend training on their craft, because teeth are a very crucial part of the human personality and this responsibility rests with them. Along with our teeth, we place the source of our smile, our very confidence , in the dentists’ hands, and therefore dentistry is no laughing matter ! (pun intended!). By -Sukanya

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Dermatologist blog

She is so fair! “ , “Her complexion is glowing! “ , “She is white as milk!” are some of the common exclamations made by middle aged aunties who are trying to primp up their daughter’s resume for marriage, or by fairness obsessed individuals, with which our country is brimming. But all skin types are beautiful and all skin types do encounter some problems or the other.

Acne does not decide to crop up on the face of a person as a result of planning and plotting. Eczema does not have favourites, either! Neither do skin rashes, psoriasis, moles or hives. They just happen – by chance or due to poor hygiene. Which is why you must invest in a good dermatologist for that glowing skin you just can’t get enough of. This is specially true for brides to be, as doctors in Noida and Ghaziabad are chock full of female clients during the wedding season, who are on the hunt for that pre wedding “glow”.

So brides to be, no doubt you are stunningly beautiful but if you want to go that extra mile, do visit a dermatologist for guided and informed success. When it comes to men, the most predominant issue is early hair loss or male pattern baldness. Dermatologists have a wide range of solutions for such problems and hair treatments are finding increased acceptance and popularity in all circles these days so just forget about the stigma and go seek the assistance you need! By -Sukanya

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Best Doctors

Let’s be honest, we are all a bunch of narcissists at some level or the other and despite our laziness in going after it, we do believe we deserve the best. The best clothes, the best food, the best people. So why hold back when it comes to the best doctor ? While there is no dearth of suggestions and recommendations from people when it comes to doctors, it is up to you to find the perfect fit.

Some people feel comfortable with male doctors while others with female doctors, regardless of their own gender. It has nothing to do with the doctor being male or female, in fact, it comes down to the comfort level we enjoy with them and how qualified plus effective they are in their respective fields.

People are often disappointed with unpleasant experiences with doctors, which may be due to a number of factors, from incorrect diagnosis to cold behavior and what not. But this experimentation and hit and trial method while staking out doctors pays off in the end, when you meet the correct fit, as not only can you use the services of this doctor for your benefit, but you can also spread the joy by recommending them to your family and friends. And what’s better than the feeling of having ensured that the health of your loved ones is in good hands . By – Sukanya

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surgery in noida

Being a doctor becomes most complicated and dangerous when it comes to being a SURGEON! All the doctors are at risk at some or the other point but surgeons are always at risk! One carelessness and patient can die. Experience here plays a very important role in handling critical patients. Noida has the best facilities and best surgeons! MEDICOSA has all of them registered! Appointment with these surgeons is just a click away!

There are various advances in this field. Scientists are working day and night to do inventions.

Recently there was this thing that a patient had some major brain surgery. Expert surgeons from all over the world had come up for the surgery and to my surprise, during this surgery, the patient was actually playing guitar! This was something unbelievable! But there was a new fact that post anaesthesia if the patient is busy doing something which he likes, the surgery becomes much simpler and the pain felt is almost negligible! This surgery was conducted for more than 3 hours and guess what? This surgery was absolutely successful! Isn’t just such simply amazing?!

Every passing day there is news about carelessness done by doctors. Leaving surgical instruments in someone’s body is so awful! After so many scams and discussions, the rules have now become very stringent. Being a doctor is not easy, saving a life is your job, playing with someone’s life is not!

By – Trishala  


dr sunita maheshwari

Before penning down this blog, I asked a few of my friends about allopathy and general medicine in hope to get some ideas. The most prevalent answer that I got was that allopathy is similar to homepathy, probably one of its branches and the later is more like family medicine. This indeed is quite wrong. In fact, allopathy is very different from homeopathy and is based on a completely opposite philosophy and general medicine has nothing to do with family practice.

General medicine also referred to as internal medicine, is a sub-division of allopathy and deals with adult diseases concerning internal organs. It involves prevention, diagnosis and treatment and generally, nonsurgical treatment. General medicine doctors are also called doctor’s doctor since they also act as consultants to other doctors in solving perplexing internal issues. They are equipped to treat every diseases, irrespective of the commonality of the disease. They also make the patient aware about important issues like wellness care, fitness and also deal with women care and mental health. There is also a very famous quote about general medicine:

“A lot of the appeal of internal medicine is Sherlockian—solving the case from the clues. We are detectives; we revel in the process of figuring it all out. It’s what doctors most love to do.”

? Lisa Sanders, Every Patient Tells a Story: Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis

A renowned and highly experienced allopath, Dr. Sunita Maheshwari has specialized in general medicine. She puts up in Noida and has worked in prominent hospitals of the city like Escort Hospital, Faridabad and Kailash Hospital, Noida. She has been running her own clinic since the past nine years.

By – Jessica