Ortho and Physio- Hand in hand


Orthopedic surgeons operate on injured bones and physiotherapists help those bones regain their motion and strength. You could almost say that an orthopedic surgery is incomplete without the assistance of physical therapy. Orthopedic patients are generally weak after the surgery and this weakness and some deficiencies are taken care of by physical therapists through special training and exercises.

An orthopedics expert is backed by a physiotherapist because of the similarities in their expertise and so it is important for both of them to share a good relationship. The physical therapist requires complete details about the plight of the patient and is given full freedom to suggest rehabilitation methods to the patient.Sometimes it happens that minute details about the injury are missed by the orthopedics experts that are picked up by the physiotherapist who then provides his own evaluation of the injury thus establishing his importance in orthopedics. In fact there is a whole branch of physiotherapy that focuses solely towards musculoskeletal organs.

The rehabilitation of people who suffer from orthopedic disabilities also falls under this domain.Physiotherapists play an important part in helping patients who have just undergone a surgery regain their freedom and confidence as mobility and movement symbolizes liberty and self assurance. There is a proper time duration prescribed to patients for which they have to consult their physiotherapists. You can find some of the best orthopedics experts and physiotherapists in Ghaziabad. By- Muskan

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Endocrinologist- A doctor of hormones


Apart from large organs like a beating heart, air pumping lungs, neurotic brain, hungry stomach and filtering kidneys we have special organs in our body called glands that are responsible for releasing chemical hormones. The study of these hormones producing glands and their diseases is called Endocrinology and the doctors who specialize in this field are called These are the doctors a primary care doctor would refer you to if you have a situation that directly concerns your glands like pancreas, liver etc.

Endocrinologists are responsible for taking care of people who are going through hormonal imbalances. Endocrinology is not limited to the study of just glands; it also focuses on balancing metabolism, respiration, sensory perception and movement. Endocrinologists in Ghaziabad specialize in all kinds of endocrinology disorders that pediatric, teen and aged patients suffer from.

Sometimes, hospitals offer both inpatient and outpatient services for various endocrine problems. Diabetes is the most common disease that falls under the specialty of an endocrinologist. Patients who suffer from this hormonal disease need to take regular intakes of a hormone called insulin to keep their sugar in check. Endocrinologists are also researchers and they continuously work to find permanent solutions to endocrine problems. Patients’ awareness often comes in handy when endocrinologists treat them. By- Muskan Gupta

Dentists, we have a problem

Dentist in Ghaziabad

Dentistry is not a field that is without problems. The main issue that dentists come across is the permission of state to allow dental therapists to perform same procedures as dentists even though they have a lot less experience and schooling. This mainly happens in rural areas where people don’t have enough money to go to a proper dentist. While the problem of money continues to bug rural people, it’s the lack of knowledge about oral hygiene among city dwellers that poses the real head ache.

Also, the issue of money is raised in urban cities too because just because one live in a city does not mean that they have sufficient funds for the treatment. Government could help them by encouraging people to take up health insurance. There is a catch in that too, the ‘access to care’ can’t only be solved by insurance because they also cost too much and cover very few procedures in return. Even Dentist in Ghaziabad acknowledge all these issues.

The reason why dental treatment is deemed ‘unreachable’ has its roots is the education received by the dentists. The skyrocketing price of dental course often produces dentists that are drowning in debts. This not only discourages students to get into dentistry but also makes it difficult for people to open up to oral treatment and they often end up ignoring their dental hygiene as a result. By – Muskan

Care Beyond Expectation

Plastic Surgeon in noida

Delhi, being the capital of India is the hub for major things! Coming to medical and healthcare systems, Delhi has the best approach to them. Noida is another well-developed sector found in India…world’s best doctors are available right there in the place. There are many doctors which are available at multiple locations depending on the requirement of the patients and sometimes there are many doctors from the same filed in the same location. It sometimes becomes difficult for people to decide who is the best and who can treat us the best.

Most of the people have their fixed doctors and they visit them with all the ailments. General physician is most fixed; he is more of a family doctor. But there are times when we require specialists and we might know about their availability. At times we go out of the space and get treated and later we come to know about the specialist available in our area too. Medicosa brings to you the information about the best doctors available in the space and gives you the best! Plastic Surgeon usually reframe or reconstruct the part of the body which might be either burnt, traumatised or might have undergone any severe disease. Noida has one of the best surgeons with varied experience and good success rare.

Dr. Manoj Kumar has his clinic in GF 9, Wave Silver Tower, Sec-18 Near Metro Station, Noida (India). He is available for 5 days a week out of which Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday he is available from 5pm to 7pm whereas on Sunday he is available anywhere between 11.00am to 2.00 pm. One can book an appointment with the doctor in any of the days using medicosa. Dr. Manoj Kumar has specialized in Skin and Cosmetology Cosmetic Surgery, Micro Hair Transplant, Laser Hair Removal and Laser Scar, Mole Removal. Apart from these, patients can consult the doctor for some other issues too in case they have any!

By – Trishala

Best Doctors in Delhi- Free way to book an appointment

best doctor in delhi

Finding doctors in Delhi? But confused which one to choose? Not to worry. Here at medicosa we have a hassle free way to book an appointment with the best doctors out in Delhi. Follow 3 simple steps: – Download our app from google play store/iOS, Enter your location and type of doctor you need, Book an appointment as per your comfort. Choose from a range of doctors from Family specialist, Homeopathy, Allopathy, surgeons and many more.

One of the Best doctor you can see on our web services is Dr. Girish Kumar who is specialized in Pediatric (Allopathy) with an experience of 84 doctors at our website. Here at our site you will be updated with the Patient Management System (PMS) which will keep a track record of your appointments and prescriptions.

Doctors in Delhi are specialized in various courses such as MBBS, MD, BHMS , MD and many other. With any help finding doctors or any technical help you could write us on support@medicosa.com , also you can find our contact numbers at www.medicosa .com. So wherever you are , you can book your appointments at your ease and find your right doctors at our application anytime with the right address and right time and no delays.

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Dermatologist- The Savior of Skin

Dermatologist in GhaziabadIt is funny that whenever there is a discussion amongst a group on which organ of the body is most important, one of the truly most important organs never takes centre stage. We’ll hear heart countless number of times and so will kidney, lungs come up in the discussion numerous times. But what about the organ which covers all these organs and does the job of protecting them sometimes at the cost of its own wellness? The organ being talked about here is skin, of course.

People even in this day and age are surprised to know that skin is even an organ let alone consider it an important one. This is why the branch of medical science which deals with the welfare of skin and cures diseases related to it has so much importance. That branch of science is called dermatology and the personnel who practice dermatology are termed as dermatologist.

Important thing which differentiates a Dermatologist from many other kinds of doctors is that a dermatologist can marvel upon his ability to treat a patient by using both general as well as surgical procedures. A dermatologist is crucial to a country’s medical scenario because skin, as important an organ it is, is most prone to infections due to it being exposed to external surroundings 24×7. But this is not a worry for India as it currently boasts of one of the brightest crop of dermatologists capable of tackling almost any skin disease with utmost professionalism and gusto. By -Vatsal

Development of field of Surgery

best doctor (1)

In ancient eras, when the herbs given to the patient did not work, the patient was told to kiss goodbye to his life. Then came the concept of surgery. But the procedure itself was so horrifying that people would prefer to die rather than go through the excruciating pain of surgery. With the advancements in technology, medical field has benefitted and today both of the factors which led people away from surgery are absent. Numerous injuries, infections, diseases are being cured through surgery and as a result, the life expectancy of people has increased substantially.

Surgery, in itself, is a broad term. In simple language, using a manual or automatic technique and instrument to cure a patient from a disease or infection is called a surgery. But being as vast as it is, it is impossible to explain the crux of this term in a single sentence. It has various types, many specialties and many ways of performing. Although it was not so common before, nowadays surgery has become a norm in the hospitals and patients are not afraid of it either.

If there is one field of medicine India needs no introduction in, it is the field of surgery. Sushruta, an Indian philosopher who lived around 1200 BC is widely credited with the honor of being the first to perform plastic surgery having written an account on the same topic. Today, India is the home to world-class surgeons in each and every corner of the country and people can take solace from the fact that these medical personnel will be here to serve the country for many years to come.  By – Vatsal

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Doctors are easy to find…finding a best doctor is a challenge

best doctor

Unless you get treated by that doctor, you have no idea is the doctor good, better or best. But do we try it ourselves? Some of us might be trying that but max of us go to the doctor after knowing it from the people just like mouth to mouth publicity. Now-a-days people prefer online reviews before visiting a doctor! Well technology is changing but mouth to mouth publicity is still trusted! At least in India.

Ghaziabad has some really very good doctors but only few of them might have got the chance of showcasing their knowledge. Rest of them are waiting for their chance to come but because of one doctor being famous for the same, the other one doesn’t get a chance. Unless we give them a chance, they won’t prove themselves whether they are really good or no!

Well a girl tried this experiment! She thought of giving other people chance too. So she was teenage girl suffering from the same acne problem but with little more than normal. She decided to herself treated from the best doctor in town. Treatment went on for like 6 months or so. The treatment worked, her acne was gone. Once the 6 months and all the medicinal treatment got over…the acne relapsed! Now this was something shocking. She got herself treated from the Best doctor still it relapsed.

She decided to visit a dermatologist which was there in her area for getting it checked. She disclosed the old history and the doctor knew she was being treated her that big doctor’s supervision. He was shocked to see such results from him but dint say anything. He decided to modify his treatment little! Along with those medicines he decided to take care of the diet that girl was having because he thought maybe that’s the issue which might be an obstruction. She made little changes along with those medicines and her face was all fine!! She was happy and she started the mouth publicity! she gave him a chance of proving himself and he used it very well!
By – Trishala

ENT Specialists in India

ENT doctors

Human body is a piece of marvel created by god. Every part of it has its own importance and if one of the parts does not perform to its true potential, the whole effectiveness of the body takes a hit. But still, if someone is asked about the organ they are most thankful for, the most common answer would probably be ‘Eyes’, because without them, one can’t appreciate the piece of beauty that is nature, or ‘Nose’, without which it would be impossible to breathe or ‘Throat’, without which we couldn’t express what we are feeling through our eyes and nose.

Tragically, these three most important organs are also most prone to illness and infection. Therefore, there is a whole separate branch dedicated solely for their treatment and cure. This branch is called otorhinolaryngology and the person who specializes in this branch is called otorhinolaryngologist or ENT specialist in a more general sense.

An ENT specialist is the master of many trades and caters to various types of infections and diseases. From prescribing a basic drug for common cold to performing a plastic surgery like complex action, they need to have it all. This is one of the basic reasons why the job of an ENT specialist is so well paid. Scope of this job is continuously increasing in India and very soon India can have its own batch of highly skilled ENT specialists to boast of. By – Vatsal

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Practice Management Systems-A New Era in Medicine

Medical practice management system

In a hospital, there is a separate staff employed for each kind of work. There is a receptionist to schedule the appointments, cashier to perform billing tasks, assistant to note patient demographics and what not. But with technology coming of age in recent times, it has taken a large number of steps in our daily life and the need for faster and streamlined rate of work has become the norm.

A technology which achieves exactly what has been talked about is the PMS or the Medical Practice Management System. Like the name suggests, this is a kind of software through which you can achieve multiple tasks at the same time. It decreases the workload on human staff and makes the speed of work faster.

A Medical practice management system has various features. From capturing patient demographics to scheduling future appointments and generating reports, it seems there is nothing which this software is incapable of doing. Although it is somewhat costly in its initial stages of setting up, but the long term benefits which one reaps from this more than compensate for the starting cost.

Developed countries like USA, UK have already been incorporating such systems in their medical offices be it small or large. This system is largely installed by those who intend to run a private clinic. Where EHR is important for gaining governmental incentives, PMS is a personal investment. For a medical practice, EHR may be important, but a practice management software is essential. By – Vatsal