Here’s how you can protect yourself from allergic conjunctivitis this monsoon!

mansoonI guess I am late! Rains are already here and we have finally got relief from the scorching summer heat! The summers this year were really horrible; rains were the need of the hour! We can’t just ignore getting drenched in heavy rains! But getting drenched in the rains might not be a good thing for your body! Monsoon not only brings rains but it brings along an army of infections! Viral infections are the most common ones! They are at its peak during monsoon season because of the sudden increase in the moisture levels in the climate. With these infections coming up, eyes are the worst affected part of the human body.

You might have suffered from itchy eyes which turns red the moment you rub it? It might be conjunctivitis! Conjunctivitis in literal terms means inflammation of conjunctiva (thin protective membrane of eyes) Conjunctivitis is of two types: – acute allergic conjunctivitis and chronic acute conjunctivitis. Acute allergic conjunctivitis includes the seasonal allergy which turns up during monsoons. Conjunctivitis spreads through direct contact. Hand to eye touch can cause conjunctivitis, as this disease is highly contagious. It can last for minimum 3 days up to 7 days.

Redness always doesn’t mean conjunctivitis, there are other reasons too which can cause redness or itchy eyes. It might be dust or too much strain on the eyes or insomnia which might cause redness of the eyes. do not confuse yourself between these reasons and conjunctivitis. It is always advisable that if you face redness, itchiness, watery eyes, swelling, difficulty in blinking, dry eyes for more than 2 days then visit your ophthalmologists as soon as possible. It might be allergic conjunctivitis or some other disease, it is always better to get it checked from the expert.

Here are few tips to protect yourself from conjunctivitis this monsoon!

  • Maintaining personal hygiene is most important precaution which one needs to take.

  • Avoid touching your eyes without washing your hands properly.

  • Wash your eyes with cold water whenever you come from outside.

  • If you feel that there is slightest pain in your eyes or you have been with in contact with the person who has conjunctivitis, give your eyes cold compressions immediately after you come home. It is always better if you visit a doctor before the diseases aggravate.

  • If there is someone at home who is down with conjunctivitis, whenever you are putting drops in their eyes or giving them cold water compressions, then wash your hands thoroughly before and after you get in contact with the person.

  • Put 2 drops of rose water every time before you go to bed.

  • If you wear contact lenses, avoid using them during monsoons as the chances of infection is higher with lenses.

  • Do not share cosmetics. Risk of infection doubles when you share them.

  • Avoid swimming, visiting water parks during monsoon, not only conjunctivitis, body gets prone to other diseases too!

  • Avoid touching public taps, handles and if you get in contact with them, always keep a sanitizer and use them frequently.

  • Wear glasses to keep your eyes protected.

  • Avoid self-medication. You do not know about the action of drugs.

  • Never use steroid eye drops. Always consult your doctor.

  • If in case doctor is not available, choose antibiotic drops over steroid eye drops.

Conjunctivitis is not a one-time disease, chances of getting conjunctivitis is endless. So as it is rightly said, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! By- Dt. Trishala Chopra

Best Doctors..Doctors are a boon to this world

Best Doctors

We all have some kind of favourites is everything like in food, place etc. Family Practitioner is someone who is the favourite doctor for a family and that doctor is the first one to be informed and taken his advice is someone happens to be sick.

Now what is so special or what is so different about a family practitioner and a specialist doctors? Well specialist doctor is someone who is specialised in only a certain organ like eyes or lungs or heart but family practitioner is a kind of all-rounder who is specialised of all the organs and all the diseases. They help in diagnosing the disease as well as the medications and necessary steps ahead with the preventive measurements etc.

The education of a Family Practitioner is basic like first 2 years while schooling they have to learn in physics, chemistry and biology. Then 3 more years of intense training which includes training of paediatrics, surgery, etc. Graduates are required to pass Unites States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLS).

Family Practitioner can be found in any of the hospitals but they are someone who has been joined to a family from many years. They know the patients very well and hence it becomes very busy to deal with it as they know your past and they can wor very well according to that.

For more infoBest Doctors

Never lose hope, miracles do happen

Oncologist in Delhi

What is the most common word that you have heard whenever cancer comes into picture? Its chemotherapy! Everyone assumes that if the person has cancer, he has to go for chemotherapy. No it’s not like that. Chemotherapy treatment will be given to the person only if he needs it. It depends on the type of cancer, span of cancer and stage of cancer. All these three play a very important role in deciding the chemotherapy sessions. If the person has end stage cancer and there are no chances of survival at all, then chemotherapy is avoided. The cancer is left untouched.

But the cancer is in early stages and survival chances are higher only than chemotherapy is advised. What exactly is chemotherapy? It is basically a treatment which includes chemical drugs. It can either be in the form of a capsule or a tablet or it can be given using a catheter. Chemotherapy does have side effects and people start feeling these side effects within days of their chemotherapy session. Most common side effect which is seen is hair loss. With every chemotherapy session, hair loss increases and then time comes when the person has lost all his hair.

It is not an easy thing to handle, loss of self-confidence is the worst thing that happens. Time, attention, love and care is what it takes to add days to a cancer patient’s life. Handling this disease is not easy, help them do it! Research says that cancer patients who are happy and in a positive environment recover faster than ones who stay alone in a depressing surrounding! Happiness is the key to faster recovery! By- Dt. Trishala Chopra

“National Doctors day”

blogImageDoctorDayThe National Doctors day is observed on 1 July in India to honour the contributions of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, former West Bengal Chief Minister who was also a physician. Born in 1882, the legendary physician, who was also honoured with the Bharat Ratna in 1961, died on his birthday in 1962.

Every child has a dream to become a doctor when they grow at least at some phase of their lives. I did. The game itself amuses people or rather children. The fact that someone walks in your door one fine day and gives up his entire medical health to you, feels important, even though becoming one isn’t easy. I don’t think the hard work ever fades out or one can ever relax in this profession. Even if you’re 50 and a very established doctor, you need to keep track of the new technical methods and also the competition is immense in this profession. Even though some do misuse this privilege of being the medical officer, some how being an honest doctor is still one of the most sought after jobs in the world. I’ll give you five reasons to explain why?

1) You get to work with people. If you like people around you who depend on you at certain levels or who you could learn from at almost every step, studying medicine is your thing.

2) Team work is very important when one’s studying in a medical school. Even when one becomes a big doctor, team work never goes out of fashion. The doctor needs to be in constant coordination with his team mates or nurses or even the patients in some situations.

3) No other job gives you as much respect as being a doctor or a teacher. Like a teacher imparts the gift of life through education, doctors literally give you life at times. One can trust on the doctor with his/her eyes closed and mostly, a doctor doesn’t fail you.

4) The field of the medical world is huge. Studying medical doesn’t only mean that one is going to practice or do surgeries. You could teach, do research upon medical related areas and so much more.

5) Doctors will never go out of fashion or the market. No matter which economic stage the world goes through, doctors will always be needed. Your job will be safe till you plan to leave it. The success rate is upon you though.

So you see, even though getting into a good medical school and carrying the pressure throughout is difficult, the pros are worth risking things for.