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What is the most common word that you have heard whenever cancer comes into picture? Its chemotherapy! Everyone assumes that if the person has cancer, he has to go for chemotherapy. No it’s not like that. Chemotherapy treatment will be given to the person only if he needs it. It depends on the type of cancer, span of cancer and stage of cancer. All these three play a very important role in deciding the chemotherapy sessions. If the person has end stage cancer and there are no chances of survival at all, then chemotherapy is avoided. The cancer is left untouched.

But the cancer is in early stages and survival chances are higher only than chemotherapy is advised. What exactly is chemotherapy? It is basically a treatment which includes chemical drugs. It can either be in the form of a capsule or a tablet or it can be given using a catheter. Chemotherapy does have side effects and people start feeling these side effects within days of their chemotherapy session. Most common side effect which is seen is hair loss. With every chemotherapy session, hair loss increases and then time comes when the person has lost all his hair.

It is not an easy thing to handle, loss of self-confidence is the worst thing that happens. Time, attention, love and care is what it takes to add days to a cancer patient’s life. Handling this disease is not easy, help them do it! Research says that cancer patients who are happy and in a positive environment recover faster than ones who stay alone in a depressing surrounding! Happiness is the key to faster recovery! By- Dt. Trishala Chopra


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There is a classic Indian short tale found in almost all English textbooks in class one or two, in which a man, rushing to office, ignores a road accident victim he could have easily helped, only to come home and find out that the victim was none other than his own mother, and someone else had helped her during the unfortunate event. This made him realize the importance of helping others.

The lesson we should take from the story is that even if we are not selfless enough to give blood for no reason, maybe the fact that we may need blood (and some good karma) further along in life will motivate us to do the good deed. As the generations progress, thinking and mentalities of people are leaning more towards the cost benefit analysis way of thinking. In such a world, where , “what will I get if I do this ? “ is the first question that pops into mind, maybe a good motivational slogan to get people to donate blood would be “Donate blood now, because someday you may need it, too. “

That being said, even though the dismal numbers of people donating blood are discouraging, efforts made by the government and even NGO’s plus private actors, like organizing blood donation camps near peoples’ homes and in their colleges, are showing good results. Even if people are encouraged to donate blood because of peer pressure, it’s a good thing after all.

Websites offering online blood bank services which help people search blood donor and also guide potential donors on how to go about the whole process are examples of exemplary services in connecting donors and the needy. What better use could technology be put to, than saving lives! So maybe it’s time to let go of the fears of donating blood, get ahead with the times and save some lives.  By – Sukanya


Blood Donor Search

The question mark in the title of this blog is not arbitrary-it conveys in one symbol the attitude and mindset of people regarding blood donation. At once,on hearing these words,pictures of hospitals and needles come into mind and one can almost smell the disinfectants that is the signature scent in a hospital. Stop. Think. There is nothing to worry about,nothing to be so afraid of .Yes,there are needles involved and yes it does hurt,but for like a fraction of a second. Imagine,if a second of discomfort for you could mean saving someone’s entire life,and the lives of those associated with him or her,then isn’t it worth the trouble ?

The gravity of the situation can be understood when one imagines the bigger picture in their head. Imagine: one road accident,two casualties,both can be saved by a few litres of blood accumulated over time because they were given by generous,selfless souls. It is human nature to shirk off responsibility and to think of our own good first,before others. But when we look at the statistics,of daily news reports of at least 200 road accidents a day,or articles about unconventional diseases on the rise as a result of man’s repeated atrocities against nature,we are compelled to move beyond our comfort zone and to get out there and do good for the world.

We really do not feel an ounce of guilt while taking someone else’s blood when we or any of our relatives are in need of it. But every instance of accepting help should come with a sense of responsibility,the responsibility to give back to the community.

So,the next time you see a blood donation camp or a van near your community/college/school/workplace or wherever, do not avert your gaze and walk away. Roll up your sleeves,pump out some of that life saving elixir and sleep a little better at night. (Of course,ensure that the syringes and equipment are hygienic,first).

You can also register yourself in MEDICOSA as Blood Donor Search and save human life by donating your blood.