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There are people who love to play with kids! They love kids and everything they do! but I am sure most of the people are not aware of the reason behind these actions which the babies do. You take your baby to paediatrician for continuous monitoring of your baby’s growth and he keeps record about it. As a parent even you should know about the changes which happens in your baby’s body be it physiological or emotional stress!

Here are few changes which you can see commonly in your babies during 6 to 12 months of their life’s: –
Babies can now sit on their bum because of their developing posture, though they cannot be erect and sustain that position for a long but they can sit for a while now.

Babies already start crawling in the initial months but now during the second half, babies try standing on their legs. And there is no other feeling than seeing your child walking!

Teething is something which may or may not start. Some babies have late erosion of teeth while some have it early. There is nothing to worry about but it is always better to keep your paediatrician updated about this.
Solid foods are now introduced to them because their digestive systems become a bit stronger to hold of these food stuffs!



The only doctor you can trust with his words these days is your family doctor


Health care industry is growing ever since the evolution of technology, everyday there is a new research being published, new disease being evolved and what not! But what remains constant is the family practice and importance of a general physician who is someone’s family doctor too! No one can understand the issue better! He is more of a family…isn’t it?Family physicians that carry out family practice are not selective! They can treat a person of any age group, any disease or issue unlike other specialities who restrict themselves to a particular organ or particular physiological state. These specialists are increasing the complexity of the health care system every possible day!

N number of physicians in Delhi and most of them carry out family practice! The fresher’s might not be, but the ones with experience are definitely there! Get a list of these experienced physicians right there with Medicosa! Download the application and make your life simpler!

This idea of family practice had actually evolved since 1969 soon after India got independent however it was not at that level during those times, it has hyped because of the technology though! Because of a thorough general knowledge about every ailment, these doctors have a superiority but it really sad to see that these doctors are losing out their importance because of the specialists. Nowadays it is said that life is nothing without one degree, work harder to achieve one.. By-Trishala

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“I’m allergic to cheap clothes!” is something we’ve all heard a supposedly high society person say. But our knowledge of allergies should not be limited to this statement by itself. Of course, we are all aware that allergic here means dislike. But real life, medical allergies have the potential to be fatal. Allergies are said to have been caused when a person reacts abnormally to substances which are normally absorbed or encountered by others. These allergies can come from different sources and the study of allergies alongwith their causes is termed as Allergology. Allergies are more common than they seem.

At least 20 % of the people in the world have a medical allergy and at least 18% of the world’s population is allergic to a food substance. The increasing environmental pollution and deteriorating air quality are not making things any better, ask an asthma patient! So what’s the solution, apart from stocking up on antihistamines? Step one: be aware of your body and how it responds to the food you put into it, the environment and the air. Step two: do your bit to curb pollution. Yes, it is natural to think that what can ONE person’s efforts achieve! But an ocean is made of a million drops and taking that example, each one of us should do whatever little we can to make the air a little cleaner, the grass a little greener. It could be something as small as walking those two blocks instead of taking out the car out of the driveway. These tiny things could help you and your future generations be allergy free and breathe a little easier! By – Sukanya


PACS Health Care

The term Picture Archiving and Communication System may sound really fancy and confusing at first, but its meaning is pretty simple. It is a widely-used system and is a very important part of health care services. It is a medical system which allows convinent storage of pictures and access to them and also enable to transfer these pictures from one system to another.

With the growing medical industry, better infrastructure and advance technology, India is slowly adapting to PACS. It is virtualising the pictures, reports of physical examinations and even other statistical data like demographic of patients and this enables a better and efficient diagnosis. It also gives a boost to other industries like, information technology and healthcare industry including telemedicine and electronic health records.

The best part is that India is self sufficient and has the required infrastructure and technology required to set up a PACS Health Care system. In fact, some of the big hospitals have even started using it! PACS is used the most by radiologists and pathologists and is replacing all hard copies of test reports like X-Rays, MRIs and CT Scan. This root outs the hassle of handling, maintaining and preserving documents and is relatively cheaper as well. Considering the current environment situation, PACS is environment-friendly as it saves a lot of paper and trees.

Full scale implementation of PACS can only be done if hospitals have the resources and complete knowldege. Hospitals need to follow certain guidelines and need to understand the safety measure needed for data security and privacy.

With the boost given to the IT industry by the government and hospitals favouring it, PACS will soon be accepted and used within the entire country.   By – Jessica