General Physician- First resort, from which everyone seek help in acute conditions.

organ Donation Day

Organ Donation Day in India is celebrated on 13th of August every year by the people, government organizations and other related professions in order to motivate normal human beings to donate the organs as well as to understand the value of organ donation in the life of an individual.

A General Physician is a Medical Graduate having a MBBS (Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) Degree. This is a UG (Under-Graduate) degree awarded to students from medical universities who enter medical profession, completing a given tenure. Physician is well acclaimed with all the normal structure and functioning (i.e. Physiology) of almost all systems of the body (Or at least some knowledge about everything)

Generally, Physicians are the first resort, from which everyone seek help in acute conditions. In a Place like Mumbai, most of us visit a doctor with ailments such as Fever, Headache, Rash, an Injury, Any Skin Condition etc.A Physician may use various adjuncts to proceed his/her treatment. Of these, Prescription of drugs is mostly used.

Drugs such as Mild-to-Moderate Aspirin, Paracetamol i.e. NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), Analgesics are used for management of routine cases.For cases other than the ones encountered in routine, prescription is modified.For Example, A Physician starts the treatment of a patient with Hyper-Tension, with BETA Blockers, and then the dose is “tailored” depending on the patient’s requirement.

Here, Drug Dosage is entirely and purely based on diagnosis done by the Physician, which almost always depends on proper knowledge and experience, as many of the patient’s activities might hamper the effects of drugs on the body (i.e. Pharmacokinetics as well as Pharmacodynamics)Usually in today’s scenario, Nobody settles down with a single MBBS Degree these days.Almost every graduate seeks further specialization in fields of their interest.As per Medical Profession Report, 2015, following fields are the most chosen:
Masters In Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sport Medicine By- Trishala Chopra

Independence Day of India and advancements in healthcare systems.


Steve Harvey had once said that he was no doctor. He was just a common man with much more common sense than other common men. A professional who practices medicine is called a physician or a medical doctor. He is concerned with promoting, maintaining and restoring human health by means of the study, diagnosis and the treatment of any physical or mental discomfort such as disease, injury or other impairments.

Independent India has always been proud to be a nation, which is leading in the world in the terms of good physicians and good quality medical care. And, one of the rapidly growing metropolises that is contributing heartily to this success is India. Situated near the national capital, instead of being overshadowed by the grandeur of Delhi, it is on its way to outshine all other cities. Producing a brilliant arsenal of doctors, it is advancing at a great rate, accompanied no doubt by its decision to accept new methodologies and adopt futuristic technologies to make health-care services efficient and affordable on a wide scale.

Most of the doctors practicing and residing in India, have graduated from top-class institutes with flying colours. This degree qualifies the medical practitioners to become licensed or registered under the laws of the State and India is proud to register them as their jewels.

Those physicians in India are the best who are the most ingenuous inspirers of hope. The roles of a clown and that of a doctor are the same – to elevate the possible and to relieve suffering. After all, the good physician is the one who treats the disease. While the great physician is the one who treats the patient who has the disease. Independent India has sure enough, reached the near-zenith of futuristic and advanced healthcare in the world. By- Rounak Bose

Take care of your baby’s health

paditrician in noida

There are people who love to play with kids! They love kids and everything they do! but I am sure most of the people are not aware of the reason behind these actions which the babies do. You take your baby to paediatrician for continuous monitoring of your baby’s growth and he keeps record about it. As a parent even you should know about the changes which happens in your baby’s body be it physiological or emotional stress!

Here are few changes which you can see commonly in your babies during 6 to 12 months of their life’s: –
Babies can now sit on their bum because of their developing posture, though they cannot be erect and sustain that position for a long but they can sit for a while now.

Babies already start crawling in the initial months but now during the second half, babies try standing on their legs. And there is no other feeling than seeing your child walking!

Teething is something which may or may not start. Some babies have late erosion of teeth while some have it early. There is nothing to worry about but it is always better to keep your paediatrician updated about this.
Solid foods are now introduced to them because their digestive systems become a bit stronger to hold of these food stuffs!



Best Doctors..Doctors are a boon to this world

Best Doctors

We all have some kind of favourites is everything like in food, place etc. Family Practitioner is someone who is the favourite doctor for a family and that doctor is the first one to be informed and taken his advice is someone happens to be sick.

Now what is so special or what is so different about a family practitioner and a specialist doctors? Well specialist doctor is someone who is specialised in only a certain organ like eyes or lungs or heart but family practitioner is a kind of all-rounder who is specialised of all the organs and all the diseases. They help in diagnosing the disease as well as the medications and necessary steps ahead with the preventive measurements etc.

The education of a Family Practitioner is basic like first 2 years while schooling they have to learn in physics, chemistry and biology. Then 3 more years of intense training which includes training of paediatrics, surgery, etc. Graduates are required to pass Unites States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLS).

Family Practitioner can be found in any of the hospitals but they are someone who has been joined to a family from many years. They know the patients very well and hence it becomes very busy to deal with it as they know your past and they can wor very well according to that.

For more infoBest Doctors

“National Doctors day”

blogImageDoctorDayThe National Doctors day is observed on 1 July in India to honour the contributions of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, former West Bengal Chief Minister who was also a physician. Born in 1882, the legendary physician, who was also honoured with the Bharat Ratna in 1961, died on his birthday in 1962.

Every child has a dream to become a doctor when they grow at least at some phase of their lives. I did. The game itself amuses people or rather children. The fact that someone walks in your door one fine day and gives up his entire medical health to you, feels important, even though becoming one isn’t easy. I don’t think the hard work ever fades out or one can ever relax in this profession. Even if you’re 50 and a very established doctor, you need to keep track of the new technical methods and also the competition is immense in this profession. Even though some do misuse this privilege of being the medical officer, some how being an honest doctor is still one of the most sought after jobs in the world. I’ll give you five reasons to explain why?

1) You get to work with people. If you like people around you who depend on you at certain levels or who you could learn from at almost every step, studying medicine is your thing.

2) Team work is very important when one’s studying in a medical school. Even when one becomes a big doctor, team work never goes out of fashion. The doctor needs to be in constant coordination with his team mates or nurses or even the patients in some situations.

3) No other job gives you as much respect as being a doctor or a teacher. Like a teacher imparts the gift of life through education, doctors literally give you life at times. One can trust on the doctor with his/her eyes closed and mostly, a doctor doesn’t fail you.

4) The field of the medical world is huge. Studying medical doesn’t only mean that one is going to practice or do surgeries. You could teach, do research upon medical related areas and so much more.

5) Doctors will never go out of fashion or the market. No matter which economic stage the world goes through, doctors will always be needed. Your job will be safe till you plan to leave it. The success rate is upon you though.

So you see, even though getting into a good medical school and carrying the pressure throughout is difficult, the pros are worth risking things for.

Let’s improve our concentration levels with yoga!


I am sure there are many parents here who has this complaint that their child is not able to understand the things, he doesn’t like to go to school, he has no concentration in his work and his immunity is low too. When you feel this is happening with your child, visit a doctor soon. Well, not necessarily doctor but it could be better if you can visit a psychologist instead? There is no one else in the world who can understand you better than a psychologist. He studies in and out about your behaviour and even by the way you have kept your hand, he will have a scanned version of you ready in his mind.

Apart from medicines and therapies, there are evidences which shows that yoga has a great impact in improving your concentration levels. It brings in positivity in you. Yoga is one such thing which has no side effects at all, absolutely nothing, Worst a yoga can do is not affect you or show any improvements, otherwise nothing! There is no age barrier to improve your concentration power, yoga is not restricted to any specific person.

These asanas have evidences to improve concentration levels in your body!

  1. Vriksh asana (standing tree pose)

  2. Akarana dhanur asana (Bow tensing pose)

  3. Padma asana (The lotus pose)

  4. Veer bhadra asana (warrior pose)

  5. Parvat asana (seated mountain pose)

There are many asanas which helps in improving your concentration levels however it is always advised that you should do it in the presence of an experienced person, without which you may do wrong and it won’t be having any more effects on you!  By- Dt. Trishala Chopra

Toxicology-Determining dosage of ‘Poison’

toxicologist in delhiThere is a famous quotation prevalent among the masses-“The dose makes the poison”. It implies that everything in this world is poisonous in its own right and the only thing which makes a substance more or less poisonous is the amount of intake. Even the medicine used to treat a disease can act as poison if not taken in appropriate dose. The question here is-“Who decides the appropriate amount for a substance so that it is not poisonous”? The answer to this question lies in the field of medical science.

Toxicology is a branch of chemistry, biology and medicine which studies the adverse effects of chemicals on the living organisms. It studies the relationship between the dose of a particular chemical and the effect it has on the body of the subject. Based on the results of these studies, toxicologists determine the right amount of a chemical to be used for useful purposes.

Besides doses, a number of other factors like age, sex, species, health and environment play a major role in determining chemical toxicity. Tests to determine toxicity have developed over time and from testing these doses on poor animals, we have reached a stage when all the work is done on the computer with help of advanced simulation techniques.

Job of a Toxicologist is more research oriented the results of which are useful for future experiments. The compensation of this job depends upon schooling and specialization but all things assured, it has huge scope in many fields provided the person is enthusiastic with willingness to learn. By- Vatsal

To decide what to do and when to do and how to do and why to do, the perks of being a pharmacologist!

    clinical Pharmacologist in Delhi

A Clinical Pharmacologist is a Medical Professional who has specialized training in studying the various effects of a drug on our body. They usually hold a M.D. or a PhD degree in Pharmacology.They undergo special training under expert guidance, in formulating new drugs, their pre-clinical & clinical trials, index assigning and preparing the antidote for the same drug. Clinical Pharmacology can be divided into two spate sections:

1) One, who deals with formulation.

2) Other one, who deals with its testing and safety index.

Clinical Pharmacology has become one of the major medical branch in Delhi. One reason for this is, an increased demand of the drugs due to the ever increasing spread of diseases and health related ailments.In Delhi, a pharmacologist not only assigns a safety value to a drug, but also studies the all possible adverse effects, and their management as well. This even includes preparation & testing of the Anti-Dote.

When a famous clinical pharmacologist was interviewed about his point on this field, “Being a clinical pharmacologist and working in a lab is similar to drive a racing car on a terrain. It’s fun, it’s thrilling, but at the same time, dangerous. Studying about the drugs, their effects and their mechanisms, all are very fascinating. However, an inch of faulty formulation, makes the whole drug lethal” By- Dt. Trishala Chopra

The only doctor you can trust with his words these days is your family doctor


Health care industry is growing ever since the evolution of technology, everyday there is a new research being published, new disease being evolved and what not! But what remains constant is the family practice and importance of a general physician who is someone’s family doctor too! No one can understand the issue better! He is more of a family…isn’t it?Family physicians that carry out family practice are not selective! They can treat a person of any age group, any disease or issue unlike other specialities who restrict themselves to a particular organ or particular physiological state. These specialists are increasing the complexity of the health care system every possible day!

N number of physicians in Delhi and most of them carry out family practice! The fresher’s might not be, but the ones with experience are definitely there! Get a list of these experienced physicians right there with Medicosa! Download the application and make your life simpler!

This idea of family practice had actually evolved since 1969 soon after India got independent however it was not at that level during those times, it has hyped because of the technology though! Because of a thorough general knowledge about every ailment, these doctors have a superiority but it really sad to see that these doctors are losing out their importance because of the specialists. Nowadays it is said that life is nothing without one degree, work harder to achieve one.. By-Trishala

For more info: Family Physician in New Delhi

Know about psychiatry with a little more intensity

psychiatrist in Delhi

Have you seen someone become a bit differently like you do? You might have even called that person mad or abnormal knowingly or unknowingly! It is okay. But these people are not mad…they are just a bit different ? not everyone can understand this! But psychiatrists do… these people are trained in dealing with different people! Its not everyone’s cup of tea to do so ? Delhi has the best doctors which could help in treating you or atleast managing your issues!

Mental disorders are either genetic or sometimes it is acquired with some circumstances which are bound to happen! Shock, loss of near and dear ones, age or heartbreak can lead to such disorders.

The exact causes of the disorders are not clear but here is a jist which might help you and these are sometimes also called as organic mental disorders: –

Metabolic Causes



Cardiac Failure

Water & Electrolyte Imbalance

Endocrine Causes

Hypo/Hyper Pitutarism

Hypo/Hyper Thyroidism

Hypo/Hyper Parathyroidism

Hypo/Hyper Adrenalism

Drugs & Poisons

Digitalis, Quinidine, Anti-Hypertensive Drugs

Alcohol & Sedatives


Nutritional Deficiency

Thiamine, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Folic Acid

Systemic Infections

Pneumonia, Septicemia, Endocarditis

Intra-Cranial Causes


Head Injury




Post-Operative States

ICU Delirium





Schizophrenia is another common mental & behavioural disorder which is characterized by:

Thought & Speech Disorders


Mood disorders

Drugs commonly used in management of mental disorders are:



Mood Stabilizing Drugs

Anti-Anxiety Drugs

Anti-Parkinsonian Drugs

Miscellaneous (Stimulants) By – Trishala