General Physician- First resort, from which everyone seek help in acute conditions.

organ Donation Day

Organ Donation Day in India is celebrated on 13th of August every year by the people, government organizations and other related professions in order to motivate normal human beings to donate the organs as well as to understand the value of organ donation in the life of an individual.

A General Physician is a Medical Graduate having a MBBS (Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) Degree. This is a UG (Under-Graduate) degree awarded to students from medical universities who enter medical profession, completing a given tenure. Physician is well acclaimed with all the normal structure and functioning (i.e. Physiology) of almost all systems of the body (Or at least some knowledge about everything)

Generally, Physicians are the first resort, from which everyone seek help in acute conditions. In a Place like Mumbai, most of us visit a doctor with ailments such as Fever, Headache, Rash, an Injury, Any Skin Condition etc.A Physician may use various adjuncts to proceed his/her treatment. Of these, Prescription of drugs is mostly used.

Drugs such as Mild-to-Moderate Aspirin, Paracetamol i.e. NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), Analgesics are used for management of routine cases.For cases other than the ones encountered in routine, prescription is modified.For Example, A Physician starts the treatment of a patient with Hyper-Tension, with BETA Blockers, and then the dose is “tailored” depending on the patient’s requirement.

Here, Drug Dosage is entirely and purely based on diagnosis done by the Physician, which almost always depends on proper knowledge and experience, as many of the patient’s activities might hamper the effects of drugs on the body (i.e. Pharmacokinetics as well as Pharmacodynamics)Usually in today’s scenario, Nobody settles down with a single MBBS Degree these days.Almost every graduate seeks further specialization in fields of their interest.As per Medical Profession Report, 2015, following fields are the most chosen:
Masters In Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sport Medicine By- Trishala Chopra

The role of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in our lives.

cosmetic surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is the modification of certain parts of our body for beautification purpose only. It helps the person to adulterate and modify perfectly healthy body parts to suit his or her needs or to increment the physical beauty or to decrement any physical pain because of certain body parts. Cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery is an important part of plastic surgery. Unlike cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery involves the restoration of deformations, malformations or damaged body parts to the usual and normal form.

Both, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery has been on the rise in recent years due to many people becoming too much conscious of their selves and their beauty. Their bodily beauty becomes their priority. They even resort to cosmetic surgery when signs of ageing appear on their body. In plastic surgery, more often than not, deformations of the body parts and injuries such as burns or deep cuts are treated and altered and the normal body is restored. This is carried out mainly by skin grafting, a surgical procedure by means of which skin tissue is transferred to the desired location of the body. When the skin is taking from a human being, it is either called autograft (if the donor and recipient is the same), or allograph (when the donor and the recipient are not the same individual). But when it is taken from a creature of a different species, for example a pig, the transplantation technique is termed as xenograft.

We can thus see the futuristic advancements which have been made and which are still moving forward on their way to perfection. Undoubtedly, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery have removed the problems of, and satisfied millions of individuals all over the globe. By- Rounak Bose

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Care Beyond Expectation

Plastic Surgeon in noida

Delhi, being the capital of India is the hub for major things! Coming to medical and healthcare systems, Delhi has the best approach to them. Noida is another well-developed sector found in India…world’s best doctors are available right there in the place. There are many doctors which are available at multiple locations depending on the requirement of the patients and sometimes there are many doctors from the same filed in the same location. It sometimes becomes difficult for people to decide who is the best and who can treat us the best.

Most of the people have their fixed doctors and they visit them with all the ailments. General physician is most fixed; he is more of a family doctor. But there are times when we require specialists and we might know about their availability. At times we go out of the space and get treated and later we come to know about the specialist available in our area too. Medicosa brings to you the information about the best doctors available in the space and gives you the best! Plastic Surgeon usually reframe or reconstruct the part of the body which might be either burnt, traumatised or might have undergone any severe disease. Noida has one of the best surgeons with varied experience and good success rare.

Dr. Manoj Kumar has his clinic in GF 9, Wave Silver Tower, Sec-18 Near Metro Station, Noida (India). He is available for 5 days a week out of which Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday he is available from 5pm to 7pm whereas on Sunday he is available anywhere between 11.00am to 2.00 pm. One can book an appointment with the doctor in any of the days using medicosa. Dr. Manoj Kumar has specialized in Skin and Cosmetology Cosmetic Surgery, Micro Hair Transplant, Laser Hair Removal and Laser Scar, Mole Removal. Apart from these, patients can consult the doctor for some other issues too in case they have any!

By – Trishala


surgery in noida

Being a doctor becomes most complicated and dangerous when it comes to being a SURGEON! All the doctors are at risk at some or the other point but surgeons are always at risk! One carelessness and patient can die. Experience here plays a very important role in handling critical patients. Noida has the best facilities and best surgeons! MEDICOSA has all of them registered! Appointment with these surgeons is just a click away!

There are various advances in this field. Scientists are working day and night to do inventions.

Recently there was this thing that a patient had some major brain surgery. Expert surgeons from all over the world had come up for the surgery and to my surprise, during this surgery, the patient was actually playing guitar! This was something unbelievable! But there was a new fact that post anaesthesia if the patient is busy doing something which he likes, the surgery becomes much simpler and the pain felt is almost negligible! This surgery was conducted for more than 3 hours and guess what? This surgery was absolutely successful! Isn’t just such simply amazing?!

Every passing day there is news about carelessness done by doctors. Leaving surgical instruments in someone’s body is so awful! After so many scams and discussions, the rules have now become very stringent. Being a doctor is not easy, saving a life is your job, playing with someone’s life is not!

By – Trishala  


dr sunita maheshwari

Before penning down this blog, I asked a few of my friends about allopathy and general medicine in hope to get some ideas. The most prevalent answer that I got was that allopathy is similar to homepathy, probably one of its branches and the later is more like family medicine. This indeed is quite wrong. In fact, allopathy is very different from homeopathy and is based on a completely opposite philosophy and general medicine has nothing to do with family practice.

General medicine also referred to as internal medicine, is a sub-division of allopathy and deals with adult diseases concerning internal organs. It involves prevention, diagnosis and treatment and generally, nonsurgical treatment. General medicine doctors are also called doctor’s doctor since they also act as consultants to other doctors in solving perplexing internal issues. They are equipped to treat every diseases, irrespective of the commonality of the disease. They also make the patient aware about important issues like wellness care, fitness and also deal with women care and mental health. There is also a very famous quote about general medicine:

“A lot of the appeal of internal medicine is Sherlockian—solving the case from the clues. We are detectives; we revel in the process of figuring it all out. It’s what doctors most love to do.”

? Lisa Sanders, Every Patient Tells a Story: Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis

A renowned and highly experienced allopath, Dr. Sunita Maheshwari has specialized in general medicine. She puts up in Noida and has worked in prominent hospitals of the city like Escort Hospital, Faridabad and Kailash Hospital, Noida. She has been running her own clinic since the past nine years.

By – Jessica



India is a developing country, yet its economy is the seventh largest in the world. The medical industry is growing rapidly and is a major contributor to the growing Indian economy.

The number of health care providers, set ups and institutions are increasing, due to better technology, infrastructure and not so strict norms on the setting up of institutions. This leads to an increase in the number of doctors in the country. Despite of this, India faces a severe shortage of doctors. One of the reasons for this could be that, many of the doctors go offshore to work for a higher disposable income. The second and the dominant one is that the population is increasing exponentially. The third reason could be that India spends a minor amount of its GDP, about 4.2% on the health care industry as a whole.

The Indian medical industry is expected to have a market share of $280 billion by 2020, but currently is in an urgent need of a push which can done by an effective policy framework and its implementation. According to statistics of 2011, there was one doctor for a population of 2000. It is calculated that since the population has been steeply increasing and overpassing the increase in number of doctors, the present doctor-population ratio is even lower. To eradicate this problem, the government has taken a few steps like, increasing the number of medical colleges in the country, increasing the intake capacity at the MBBS level and also relaxing the teacher-student ratio. Despite of the efforts put in by the government, the shortage of doctors is still an aggressive problem.

The doctors in Delhi NCR are relatively more than other cities. This again has a few logical reasons like, people living in Delhi NCR are more well-off and doctors can earn more, thus increasing their income. A lot of biotechnology and nanotechnology companies are setting up in Delhi. This is due to the Special Economic Zones in different parts of Delhi NCR and it gives a boost to the healthcare industry as well, since biotechnology and nanotechnology are an integral part of healthcare.

Another reason for the greater number of doctors in the capital is because of the greater level of awareness among the population about the importance of health care. The new government needs to be credited for this increased level of awareness by starting campaings like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Swachh Delhi Abhiyaan. The delhi government, start-ups and other big cab providers have also taken steps to curb the toxicity and pollution level in Delhi air, such as the Odd-Even Policy by the government, car pooling initiatives by various start-ups and big companies.

The above reasons indirectly affect the doctors practising in Noida (Delhi NCR) and the population, of course. By – Jessica

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Most common notion of every common man is, “I was never afraid of anything, except the dentist”. Why are people so scared of a dentist! Do they look like a demon by any chance!? The answer is certainly no! They are just like us! Normal people with a little more extra knowledge! Little? Oops! Too much knowledge! People living in Noida or nearby areas are a bit more blessed for having most awesome dentist in their surroundings! And people who are with MEDICOSA are even luckier to find them a perfect dentist without wasting time and without doing extra work! Why is it so? Because the best doctors from noida are now registered with MEDICOSA making the work easier for the common man.

Indian people are quite a typical people. Even in 21st century they believe in ‘HOME REMEDIES’ rather than going to a doctor. Grandmother ‘NUSKAS’ are more preferred than medicines from reputed doctors.

Have a tooth pain? Keep laving on your tooth; your tooth ache will go! – says every 3rd person in INDIA! This is what is considered to be nuskas!

This home remedies are continued till the condition worsens!

When this laving has no effect, people have a tendency of popping up a painkiller. The pain suppresses for time being but still it remains the same the other day.

Days pass like this and the condition is getting worse every single day!

The person then decides to see a dentist. And that is the time when he comes to know that his tooth cannot be saved and it has to be extracted! The dentist tells that person that if he would have come earlier, his tooth could have been saved and he dint even have to suffer from so much pain.

Because of this person’s negligence, he has to undergo painful surgery of tooth extraction and implantation.

And people think that dentist is scary! If you take care of yourself! Nothing can scare you!

By – Trishala

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of cardiothoracic? If you’re a fitness freak, then you’ll probably think it is something to do with cardio/ cardiovascular exercise. This is pretty assumable because it contains the word cardio. In literal terms, cardiothoracic, a combination of two words is related to both the heart as well as the chest. Similarly, a cardiothoracic surgeon is a medical specialist who deals with problems of the heart and the lungs and performs the required surgeries.

For a person to operate on extremely important and sensitive organs of the body, it is important that he/ she is equipped with all the knowledge and technology used and is trained well or experienced. Highly experienced and know-it-all cardiothoracic doctors can be found on MEDICOSA, a networked health care ecosystem.

Recent trends have shown the increasing demand for a cardiothoracic surgeon. This is quite obvious because of the fast paced world in which we live, where people prioritize their work over health. The long working hours, whether manual or sitting in front of the laptop screens is bound to increase diseases among people. The most vulnerable lot is the young generation, bracketed between 18 to 35 years of age. The opening up of fast food joints and the increasing number of electronic gadgets have just aggregated this problem. Other unhealthy habits, like smoking, drinking, imbalanced diet are other reasons.

It is important that we look after ourselves and get regular checkups and tests done. In case of ambiguity, it is best to consult a doctor. Since our heart and lungs are very vital and delicate, we must ensure that we visit the right cardiothoracic surgeon. By – Jessica

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Remember, the baby is moving in with you. You are not moving with the baby!

paediatric in noida

Noida, place in our capital state Delhi /NCR has many paediatricians and most of them are registered under MEDICOSA. MEDICOSA helps in offering best services to their clients and finding a good doctor is their responsibility. Paediatricians are doctors that deal with children having different disorders and helps in better understanding in things which are good and bad for them.

A paediatrician plays a critical role in a child’s health.

A paediatrician should fulfil the following conditions to be the best doctor:-

  • A paediatrician should be committed to promote the welfare of children.

  • A paediatrician should always be patient, sensitive and empathetic towards the child.

  • A paediatrician should always be approachable and should have the ability of handling things diplomatically.

  • A paediatrician should always be comfortable with an informal and flexible environment

  • A paediatrician must be good at communicating with a wide range of people.

  • A paediatrician should be someone who is able to thrive in a team situation

  • And most importantly , a paediatrician should fun-loving and must a very good sense of humour

People should be aware of why a child needs a paediatrician and not a physician. It is important to educate people on the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a physician over paediatrician.

Paediatrician has a deep knowledge and experience in handling a child than a physician who is more experienced in treating the adults than a child.

For a better future of your child , choose a paediatrician now!  By – Trishala

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“I’m allergic to cheap clothes!” is something we’ve all heard a supposedly high society person say. But our knowledge of allergies should not be limited to this statement by itself. Of course, we are all aware that allergic here means dislike. But real life, medical allergies have the potential to be fatal. Allergies are said to have been caused when a person reacts abnormally to substances which are normally absorbed or encountered by others. These allergies can come from different sources and the study of allergies alongwith their causes is termed as Allergology. Allergies are more common than they seem.

At least 20 % of the people in the world have a medical allergy and at least 18% of the world’s population is allergic to a food substance. The increasing environmental pollution and deteriorating air quality are not making things any better, ask an asthma patient! So what’s the solution, apart from stocking up on antihistamines? Step one: be aware of your body and how it responds to the food you put into it, the environment and the air. Step two: do your bit to curb pollution. Yes, it is natural to think that what can ONE person’s efforts achieve! But an ocean is made of a million drops and taking that example, each one of us should do whatever little we can to make the air a little cleaner, the grass a little greener. It could be something as small as walking those two blocks instead of taking out the car out of the driveway. These tiny things could help you and your future generations be allergy free and breathe a little easier! By – Sukanya