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There are people who love to play with kids! They love kids and everything they do! but I am sure most of the people are not aware of the reason behind these actions which the babies do. You take your baby to paediatrician for continuous monitoring of your baby’s growth and he keeps record about it. As a parent even you should know about the changes which happens in your baby’s body be it physiological or emotional stress!

Here are few changes which you can see commonly in your babies during 6 to 12 months of their life’s: –
Babies can now sit on their bum because of their developing posture, though they cannot be erect and sustain that position for a long but they can sit for a while now.

Babies already start crawling in the initial months but now during the second half, babies try standing on their legs. And there is no other feeling than seeing your child walking!

Teething is something which may or may not start. Some babies have late erosion of teeth while some have it early. There is nothing to worry about but it is always better to keep your paediatrician updated about this.
Solid foods are now introduced to them because their digestive systems become a bit stronger to hold of these food stuffs!



Remember, the baby is moving in with you. You are not moving with the baby!

paediatric in noida

Noida, place in our capital state Delhi /NCR has many paediatricians and most of them are registered under MEDICOSA. MEDICOSA helps in offering best services to their clients and finding a good doctor is their responsibility. Paediatricians are doctors that deal with children having different disorders and helps in better understanding in things which are good and bad for them.

A paediatrician plays a critical role in a child’s health.

A paediatrician should fulfil the following conditions to be the best doctor:-

  • A paediatrician should be committed to promote the welfare of children.

  • A paediatrician should always be patient, sensitive and empathetic towards the child.

  • A paediatrician should always be approachable and should have the ability of handling things diplomatically.

  • A paediatrician should always be comfortable with an informal and flexible environment

  • A paediatrician must be good at communicating with a wide range of people.

  • A paediatrician should be someone who is able to thrive in a team situation

  • And most importantly , a paediatrician should fun-loving and must a very good sense of humour

People should be aware of why a child needs a paediatrician and not a physician. It is important to educate people on the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a physician over paediatrician.

Paediatrician has a deep knowledge and experience in handling a child than a physician who is more experienced in treating the adults than a child.

For a better future of your child , choose a paediatrician now!  By – Trishala

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Paediatric in NoidaA pediatrician is a child’s doctor who is specialized in providing medical assistance and treating ill children and also ensuring them a healthy childhood.

During an interview, Dr. Archana Thakur of Gurgaon tells that the most common diseases affecting the children are influenza, tuberculosis and diarrhea and these are more prevalent in children of the age group 3-10 years. According to her, India is one of the most vulnerable countries for communicable and water-borne diseases, which is mainly due to the lack of clean and fresh drinking water, hygienic food and ignorance of sanitation problems like waste disposal which afflict India on a large scale. Her team sees around 40-50 sick children daily and around 90-95% recover well. She feels that government is doing a great job by sponsoring and subsiding vaccines for the backward children and about 80% are benefitted from it. Dr. Archana believes that a comprehensive approach, revolving around a child-parent relationship can improve the health status of the child. This means following a developmental approach to discipline. She feels that parenting classes should be introduced under primary care.

Nowadays, appointments with pediatricians can booked online through sites like MEDICOSA. This makes things easier for parents, thus giving them time to follow an effective parenting strategy. By – Jessica

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